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The Full Story


My name is Heidi Vincent and I am the founder of Your Health Solutions.

Your Health Solutions was born in 2005 when after struggling with chronic pain for many years due to having endometriosis, fibroids and the last 10 years trying to manage these conditions while hoping that each month I would be fall pregnant and be blessed with a baby. This was painful on so many levels emotionally and physically the chronic pain was so debilitating each day.   

After a lot of soul searching and 10 gynaecology operations, I made the difficult decision to have a full hysterectomy at 41 years of age. I choose not to follow the western conventional protocol of HRT, high doses of calcium etc and started to read and research alternative support, I prefer to call this holistic health as this encompasses the physical and emotional changes to my body as a woman. 

Health and wellbeing started with me, I got deeper with my yoga practise which I started around 20 years ago and then stopped for 8 years!  Yes, I can hear you saying why? I asked myself the same questions and now I know why? 

When I picked yoga up again it was on a much deeper level, I felt different, my body and my mind felt different. Looking back now yoga was the catalyst that awakened me spiritually and from then on, I become drawn to explore and study other areas.

I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing woman who came into my life at the right time, she brought into my life amazing healing through Reiki, she was a Reiki master and I started having monthly Reiki treatments with her, for any of you that don’t know this is energy healing.

I felt drawn to Reiki and did my level 1 and 2, which I used on myself daily and on animals around me, this opened me even more and I felt it on many levels (another story for later)

My husband David even witnessed the shift with the Reiki energy (will share the story of the swan rescue another time)

Alongside Reiki I brought other practices into my personal healing journey, Holistic massage, Chinese medicine, herbs (an acquired taste, I can palate most things now!) and Acupuncture.

I joined meditation groups and did many courses on self-development with a beautiful spiritual group called Brahma Kumaris led by women and founded by a man with vision back in the 60’s.

They teach a very useful tool, to meditate with your eyes open which is so useful, so now when I’m waiting in a queue or stationery in traffic, I can visit the space and It only needs a minute, how useful is that!  

Anyway, at this time I wanted to add a regime of vitamin and mineral supplements to my wellness plan, I searched and researched and found it wasn’t easy to find supplements without fillers, and artificial sweeteners in an easily assimilated form for the body to absorb. I understand now why people used to say to me, supplements don’t work! Your right they don’t if they are tablets not formulated well for the body to digest. 

So, there you have it Your Health Solutions with its growing range of products formulated and sourced with care and attention with this in mind and like the healing tools I have learned in my life.

Have all been tried and tested by myself and my husband David as I couldn’t recommend anything or retail a product that I had not felt the benefits myself.

Along with my daily practises of yoga, meditation I share a love of the garden with David, growing organic vegetables and fruit, I have 6 chickens that lay eggs every day and I’m a sustainable beekeeper. I find having this connection with nature helps me navigate the twists and turns of life.


Heidi xx

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