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Heart Health

Our heart health is at much greater risk as we age. Nevertheless, there is much we can do to assist with good heart health long before encountering any problems and even to support our hearts after negative symptoms such as high cholesterol or blood pressure have occurred.

Cardio Flow is a unique formulation that combines key nutritional ingredients.  Each of these nutrients alone offers powerful benefits, but when combined in the great-tasting, easy to use Cardio Flow drink, it makes it easy to take each day. Just I scoop diluted in water will give you 5 grams of L – Arginine (AKG).

Our products are carefully manufactured, processed and refined for the optimum quality and do not contain any fillers or artificial sweeteners. 

Sports performance

Sports supplements can support you in performing better, train harder, and recover faster.

Power Up - L-Arginine (AKG), can Increase your performance with its balanced sport formulation. Power up is a pre-workout supplement that will enhance your training regime.

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