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Welcome to my world, its been a long time

Well hello friends, its been a long time since I've written anything on social media.

I know feel ready to emerge from my nest with new insight and personal growth at one of my favourite times of the year , springtime as we celebrate the spring Equinox with the returning of the light.

With the burst of warmer weather, well not today as I sit hear watching the raindrops chasing each other down my windowpane. But the colours in my garden remind me that all is well and that good weather shall return soon.

Like many of my friends and family , I have found this winter a tough one on many levels, but also on a personal level as I have been losing my sight in both eyes, due to cataracts which have only been diagnosed by the consultant 2 weeks ago , so the waiting time for an appointment has been over 6 months. The effect this has had on my day to day life and work have been challenging, unable to drive my car ,but I'm blessed with beautiful friends who offered me help so I was still able to get to my favourite yoga classes and foraging in the woods. I set my computer screen to 150 so that I could see it to work and was able to walk to my local post office to deliver my customers orders daily.

I have suffered times of anxiety and a feeling to withdraw so the winter was a perfect time for this process.

Now with my surgery dates in the diary, both eyes will be done by the end of May and the added amazing benefit is that after wearing glasses for around 30 years , I will only require reading glasses.

So watch this space... kindest regards Heidi YHS

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5 comentários

Sending so much love to you Heidi 💕🌷🌹🙏

11 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

😘Thank you Brenda


Sending you heaps of love and cuddles Heidi, what a scary thing. I'm so glad you have a date for the op. That will be amazing when you come out, and your vision will be SO CLEAR !!! That is going to feel wonderful ♡♡♡♡

Respondendo a

Thanks Penny , yes will be like visiting a new world everything so vibrant and clear xx



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